At NOVATICOM we provide solutions. Our focus is on providing businesses of all sizes with marketing and technology solutions that improve the performance, capabilities and reach of your organization. We service clients all over the world and across multiple industries. Our clients unites only one thing - they are looking to increase their revenue and find new opportunities for growth. From market analysis to outsourcing of research and technology services - we help businesses grow with integrated services.

NOVATICOM is a mix of NOVA (new, modern) and COM (company, dotcom), reflecting the spectre of innovative service range of the company. Innovation is at the core of our business. From the implementation of customer relationship manegement technologies in your organisation to strategy, market analysis and online marketing - we consult on a variety of technology and marketing issues. We develop custom-tailored online marketing campaigns and implement technologies to evaluate success. And we serve as your outsourcing partner for various fields - from IT to graphic technology.

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