Technology Consulting: We identify new business and technology trends and develop solutions to help clients around the world.

  Marketing Consulting: From market research to strategic planning, markt entry strategies, conception and execution of marketing campaigns with a special focus on online marketing.

  Joint Venture Mediation: Increase your profit easily and secure. We find the ideal Joint Venture-partner for you to maximize your profit - and take care of the technicalities as well.

  Sales and Profit Optimization: Every business has hidden centers of profit they’re overlooking. We help you finding these hidden profit centers and give you practical solutions for turning them into cash.

You want to grow your business while minimizing the risks? We can help you with our outsourcing services in a wide range of fields of web, IT, 3D, image processing, animation and graphic technology and production.
As consultants with a marketing and technology focus, we perform market research and analysis that can be used to:

• Benchmark your success against the industry
• Target appropriate customers
• Strategies for product introductions
• Understand your competition
• Identify the needs of customers
• Identify market barriers

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