Internal Training and SOP

Creating the Video



Using the MASTER TEMPLATE to create videos


The objective is to create 2 videos in 1 hour. 
This includes:

- The creation of 3 headlines (text from the video)- (appr. 2-3 min)
- The production of the video (appr. 15 min)
- Rendering (appr. 5 min)

- The creation of a thumbnail picture (appr. 5 min)
- The upload to YouTube (appr. 2-3 min)
- YouTube text (use text template 
appr. 1-2 min)

Important: thumbnail, upload and text will be covered in the next module and you need to qualify for this - and want to do it. 

Optional you will have to go for 3 videos  per hour (without YouTube upload). 


Adjust the video - watch the explaination above
Look our for 3 catchy phrases in the last 1/3rd of the video
Render the video 
Name it in the format:

LONG Form english

The Basics (Start here)

Complete all steps before moving forward

The Master Template

Here you will create your MASTER template that you can use for ENGLISH LONG FORM videos.

Creating the Video

Using the MASTER TEMPLATE to create videos

Some More Editing

More strategies on how to edit

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